DiffraX Plate

DiffraX™ ultrathin sandwich plates

Image taken from Axford et al, Acta Cryst F72: 313 (2016)
The new in situ crystallisation plate that enables loop-free crystal mounting!
Now available exclusively from Molecular Dimensions

Watch the set-up and mounting videos or download the complete user guide here.
Tiny crystals - or those that have been grown in viscous conditions, such as LCP - are particularly challenging to mount. But there's no need to try! DiffraX is a sandwich plate made from plastic film so that individual windows can easily be cut out. These windows can be mounted on a cryocap and cryocooled without further protection. High-throughput users can even mount the entire plate for rapid screening and serial data collection.
Diffrax schematic
Protein and precipitant are pipetted out separately onto the lower film. Leaving a space between the two drops allows for vapour diffusion experiments (shown). Pipetting both drops in the same place results in microbatch or microdiffusions type experiments.
While for cryocrystallography, individual windows are cut out and cryocooled by plunging in nitrogen, the small volume means no further cryoprotection is required.

DiffraX plates are now available to purchase here.


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