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NEW - MemMeso™ - Complete compatibility with LCP screening.
Editorial - Crystallizing alpha helical membrane proteins.
MemAdvantage™ - Optimum choice for improving
membrane protein crystals.
MEETING - GRC: Membrane Transport Proteins.
Laminex™ - the best plates for LCP crystallization.
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NEW - MemMeso™
Complete compatibility with LCP screening

Academic led development:
Developed in conjunction with the successful laboratory of Prof. Osamu Nureki at the University of Tokyo, Japan, this semi-systematic screen has been designed to work in synergy with Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP) now commonly used in membrane protein crystallization without perturbing phase formation.

Results driven screening:
To date, components of MemMeso have crystallized no fewer than eight membrane proteins structures, namely: Channelrhodopsin (2012, Nature, Vol 482, p369-375), PfMATE (2013, Nature, Vol 496, p247-253), NCX_Mj (2013, Science, Vol 341, p168-172), GkPOT (2013, PNAS, Vol 110 no 28 , p11343-11348), and four bacterial transporters (manuscript in preparation).

If you're doing or thinking of doing LCP crystallization you need MemMeso™

Features of MemMeso™:

Optimized to work in synergy with Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP) and the LCP crystallization method.

Worry-Free screening in both LCP and Sponge Phase.

Up-to-date - conditions data-mined from current reported GPCR crystal structures.

HT- format - A semi-systematic screening kit, containing 96 conditions covering a range of pH, precipitants and salt.

Proven success - at crystallizing the crystal structures of eight membrane proteins, including the structure of channelrhodopsin (2012, Nature).

Crystals of the peptide transporter GkPOT (Doki et al., PNAS, 2013)

Learn more about how MemMeso™ can help you in your crystallizations today...

Special Introductory Offer
Buy MemMeso™ (MD1-85) together with 1g of Monoolein (MD2-68) and receive 10% off both products! Offer ends February 28th 2014. Simply quote code 3MO on your qualifying order.

Crystallizing alpha helical membrane proteins

In recent years significant progress has been made in determining the atomic structure of alpha helical membrane proteins using X-ray crystallography.

However the identification of conditions that give crystals that are suitable for structure determination remains one of the major bottlenecks....

Read the article now...

To learn more about our products related to membrane protein crystallization see:


Dr. Simon Newstead, University of Oxford.

The best choice for improving membrane protein crystals.

MemAdvantage™ is an additive screen developed specifically for membrane proteins. This screen targets all alpha helical types of prokaryotic and eukaryotic membrane proteins. MemAdvantage™ was developed from the identification of successful additives (using data mining) in published membrane protein structures. It contains a novel set of chemicals presented as a 96 well screen for use with standard robotics...

The bar chart below shows successful additives used for alpha helical membrane protein crystallization. The range of additives used for successful crystallizations are shown for each membrane protein family. The additives have been grouped into more general classes for clarity and colored according to the pie chart (shown above), illustrating the composition of the current database.
(Reproduced with permission from Paker and Newstead., Protein Science, 2012).

Find out more about the MemAdvantage™ screen here...

13th-17th July 2014 , Membrane Transport Proteins: Structure, Function, Physiology, and Targets in Disease

The Gordon Research Conference on Membrane Transport Proteins will be held for the 9th time in 2014 to form an integral scientific forum that bridges from molecular structure and function of membrane transport proteins to their role in cell biology and physiology at tissue- or a whole-organism level. The conference will cover various aspects in the transport of ions, neurotransmitters, carbohydrates, peptides and lipids, new methods in studies of biomembrane structure and function, and the role of transporters in control and regulation of brain function, such as neuronal circuitries.

See the program here...

View our list of other crystallography related meetings in 2014...

The best plates for LCP crystallization:

Laminex™ - mix and match to
suit your needs between glass,
plastic and film options.

Laminex offers considerable advantages for viewing and imaging such crystal growth experiments since the experiment is sandwiched between planar surfaces. The optical path creates no aberrations even when using viscous lipidic cubic phases.

The Laminex system is built up from lower support plates of glass or UV transparent plastic with an adhesive spacer (100 or 200 micron). On to this base, glass, UV transparent plates or films can be applied to create 96 chambers for crystal growth.

Read more about the advantages of
Laminex plates here...

Laminex™ HT - Larger SBS sized
glass LCP bases to for easier labeling
and in-situ data collection...

A 10 pack of Laminex HT Glass bases with
a 200 micron spacer.

• Specially cut SBS size Laminex glass bases for Lipidic Cubic Phase experiments.
• Sized for frame-less handling on robotic beam-lines
or in automated imaging systems.
• Additional space provides room for barcode label
on upwards facing surface.
• Dispense as with standard Laminex and seal with standard Laminex cover options.

Please note that these bases are LARGER than the original Laminex.

Order now - product code MD11-50-HT

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