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CrystalX2™ - Simple, Definitive and safe
protein crystal identification........

At last - Simple, Definitive and Safe protein crystal identification..............

The CrystalX2™ is an automated LED based crystallization lead finder designed to utilize non-hazardous UV light wavelengths in protein crystal identification. The system uses trace Label (TL) Fluorescence - the addition of tiny amounts (<0.1% label) of a covalent fluorescent dye to the protein prior to crystallization in order to rapidly identify even the smallest protein crystals.

Identify more leads for greater crystallization success!!

Why protein crystallographers use trace label fluorescence imaging:

  • Stunning signal-to-noise ratio yields significantly higher crystallization identification hit rate.
  • Remove the uncertainty caused by large variations in signal intensity observed when using intrinsic tryptophan-based fluorescence.
  • Simple, fast and flexible labelling kit (MD1-65) 0.02% label has no proven effect on the protein, crystallization or data quality. View simple protocol here.
  • Label two components with different colour dyes - uniquely check both parts of a complex are in the crystal.
  • No false positives or negatives unlike other salt/protein differentiation techniques.
  • Harmless LEDs - no risk of damage to you or the crystals.

Overview of Crystal X2™ (MD5-700):

  • Provides fully automated white light and/or multiple fluorescence images.
  • Compatible with all SBS crystallization plates - single plate system.
  • Operating range of 4-30 C.
  • Long lifetime LEDs (50,000 hours).
  • Simple easy-to-use software included.

Try Trace Fluorescent labelling FREE
Request a trial (2 experiment) labelling kit for your protein here!

See the stunning new Crystal X2™ at the upcoming "Frontiers in Structural Biology of Membrane Proteins" meeting in Birmingham Alabama - 4th - 6th April, 2013.

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