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MIDAS™ – A Totally Novel Alternative Precipitant Screen
IUCr Madrid – win yourself an iPad2!!
In-situ Diffraction Screening Seminar- come and learn about these new techniques at IuCr Madrid.
Bench Top incubators – cost effective, robust and space saving.

Introducing MIDAS™ (Modern Intelligent Dynamic Alternative Screen;
The GOLD standard in alternative precipitant screening.

A revolutionary 96 condition crystallization screen based on alternative polymeric precipitants.

Features of MIDAS™:
  • Ideal for protein, protein/protein complexes, protein-nucleic acid complexes, and sensitive macromolecular complexes.
  • Narrow range of pH and salt concentrations centred on physiological values.
  • Every condition contains at least one alternative polymeric precipitant.
  • Designed to complement PEG- and salt-based screens.
  • Compatible with liquid-handling robots.

An example of protein crystals grown using MIDAS™. Crystals of spliceosomal assembly complex (SAC) 9 obtained in 25% Sokalan
CP 42.

MIDAS™ is available in both 10 mL screen format and HT-96 format.

Learn more about MIDAS™

IUCr Madrid 2011

Visit us at our stunning new video stand at IUCr in Madrid and you could:

Win an Apple iPad 2!

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Please complete the form and visit us on Booth 63-64 for you chance to Win an Apple iPad 2.

In-situ Diffraction Screening Seminar

Come and learn all about this new technique at IuCr Madrid.

Molecular Dimensions will be sponsoring a seminar in the increasingly popular field of in-situ diffraction screening at IUCr Madrid this summer.

For full details of the seminar and abstracts of the talks CLICK HERE!

Also come and meet us at the following meetings in 2011

Bench Top Incubators

Simple, cost-effective bench top solution for crystal screening and storage.

Features of our Bench Top Incubators:
  • Peltier-based. No compressors, no CFCs. Energy-efficient.
  • Temperature range from 4.0°C to 70.0°C, with an accuracy ± 0.5°C.
  • Choose between fully programmable or non- programmable controls.
  • 27.5 or 55 L volumes.
  • Electronic calibration and power failure protection.
Find out more about our Bench Top Incubators

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