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Crystallizing complexes - Oligomers are increasingly important targets!
Editorial - Exploring more crystallization space.
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Crystallizing complexes - Oligomers are increasingly important targets

More than half of structures deposited in the PDB are oligomeric with a significant number of others containing ligands. As the nature of structural biology studies moves in the direction of studying biochemical pathways and the molecular interactions that underpin them there is a need to focus more on the specific crystallization conditions of these targets. The Proplex screen for example satisfies the dual requirement of maintaining the integrity of the complex whist reducing its solubility. Typically these screens utilize lower PEG concentrations and fewer organic precipitants. One powerful method can be to use a "footprint" approach to screen the complexes' solubility curves and tolerance in response to various precipitants, all handled simply in our Stura and MacroSol Combination Screen. Finally there will be a need to utilize more than just PEG to achieve success in these areas and with that in mind the MIDASTM screen was developed by crystallographers as improved crystallization space for complexes.

Learn more about our range of crystallization screens for complexes here...

Editorial - Exploring more crystallization space.

Out of 8289 entries scanned in the PDB, almost half of the crystallization conditions contained a PEG component and most commercial screens contain PEGS. However, the success rate of PEGS is most likely biased due to their widespread historical dominance in crystallization screens. There are many alternatives to PEGs and a variety have recently been described as being highly successful for macromolecular crystallogenesis, but had only sporadically been introduced into standard crystallization screens - here we see how scientists are increasingly succeeding with novel precipitant approaches...

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Want to find more hits? - see the advantages of trace fluorescent labeling...

View the whole plate at once for hits - no need for one at a time image reviewing.
The presence of both parts of a complex can be confirmed using different wavelengths.
The all new Crystal X2 uses a unique trace labeling strategy to boost crystal detection levels - featuring:
  • Stunning signal-to-noise ratio yields significantly higher crystallization identification hit rate.
  • Simple, fast and flexible labeling kit (MD1-73) 0.02% label has no proven effect on the protein, crystallization or data quality.
  • Label two components with different colour dyes - uniquely check both parts of a complex are in the crystal.
  • No false positives or negatives unlike intrinsic UV based salt/protein differentiation techniques.

Learn more now:

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