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NEW - CryoProtX™ – Better cryoprotection for great diffraction.
NEW- longer term storage options for ESRF/EMBL sample baskets.
WIN - Pictures make prizes! – send us your crystal images.
Simple, cost-effective UV for your Microscope- X-taLight 100™

NEW Product - CryoProtX™ – Better cryoprotection for great diffraction.

Finding a cryoprotectant that gives the optimum in terms of diffraction limit, mosaicity and crystal longevity can be a laborious and frustrating task. The traditional binary approach of soaking in differing amounts of single compounds consumes both potentially good crystals and often results in making do with the first “ok” result.

Ideally in a balanced cryoprotectant the mild solubility enhancing effect of the glycols should be counteracted by the addition of MPD or DMSO that can act as precipitants. Therefore, an approach using a complex mixture of glycols and cryoprecipitants should yield improved results.

CryoProtX achieves this by allowing the user to create a high quality cryoprotectant from the nine provided intelligent CryoMixes™, reducing both the time and crystal consumption whilst increasing the likelihood of successful cryocooling of the crystal for the highest quality data…Learn More>

Order CryoProtX now: MD1-61 = 46 x 1.5 mL kit.

A Simple solution to storing all those ESRF/EMBL sample baskets.

Increasing amounts of data collection on a single trip has driven the need for longer term storage of samples pre-loaded in baskets As a solution to this problem, we are now able to offer a simple and easy way to store up to 50* ERSF/EMBL style baskets at Cryogenic temperatures! Suitable for use in the HC35 series of refrigerators only.

Buy these new canisters on their own as an upgrade to your existing HC35 or buy them complete with the HC35 refrigerator with 130 days static holding time and a 50 basket capacity in total (10 canisters).

Individual canisters and upgrade packs (10 canisters) are also available.

Solve my basket storage problem now…..

WIN - Pictures make prizes! – send us images of your crystals.

Throughout 2012 we will be running a quarterly competition to win a prize for the best image of a crystal grown in our screens.

This quarter you can win a great Fuji Film FinePix Z35 digital camera!

Simply email your picture to us to have a chance to win – the winner will be announced on Friday the 30th March. Photos submitted will be displayed in our special competition gallery on our Facebook page


Simple, cost-effective UV for your Microscope - X-taLight 100™.

  • Simply attaches directly to an existing microscope
  • Differentiate between salt and protein crystals
  • Reveal tiny crystals against precipitate
  • Reduce time wasted on “false hits”

Learn more about the X-taLight system or request a demonstration.

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