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NEW – Bench top incubators to suit your lab and your pocket.
Quality matters – nurturing your crystals.
Simple and Efficient temperature optimization.

With targets becoming ever more difficult to crystallize, researchers are increasingly utilizing the benefits of temperature in the growth and optimization of protein crystals. Introducing a simple and effective temperature step to induce and/or optimize crystallization is rapidly becoming important for both pharmaceutical and academic groups.

Increase crystallization space - search alongside precipitant, pH, buffer etc.

The ability to easily sample an incremental range of temperatures in a single location can yield both new crystal hits and improved crystal forms. Probe solubility - around 80% of proteins display a temperature dependence (1,2), as well as the phase behaviour of protein-detergent solutions (3,4) Influence the kinetics of crystallization by altering diffusion and equilibrium rates(5)

Induce crystal growth - increase supersaturation:
A controlled slow drop in temperature is a powerful strategy rarely employed in macromolecular crystallography. In lower salt systems this can fine tune the level of supersaturation and hence nucleation(6).

Improve crystal quality - uncouple nucleation from growth
A temperature shift(6) or temperature cycling (combined with seeding)(8) during a crystallization can yield dramatic improvements in both size and quality. Temperature screening can also resolve twinning and alter crystal space group.

Molecular Dimensions offer 3 superb temperature solutions for crystallography:

Bench Top Incubator
NEW - Bench Top incubators for protein crystallography

A simple, cost-effective bench top solution for crystal screening and storage.

  • Peltier-based. No compressors, no CFCs. Energy-efficient
  • Temperature range from 4.0°C to 70.0°C with an accuracy ± 0.5°C
  • Choose either fully programmable or non- programmable controls.
  • 27.5 or 55 L volumes
  • Timer with alarm and Auto-Off
  • Electronic calibration and power failure protection
  • Stackable for optimum use of space
  • 12 month warranty

Quality matters – nurturing your crystals in a vibration free incubator.

Vibration Free IncubatorsLet’s do a quick experiment. Walk up to the incubator your crystallization experiments are stored in and place your hand flat against the front door – does it vibrate? If it does, so are your precious crystallization trials, probably lowering the final quality of the nascent crystal or resulting in a crystal shower instead of a few diffraction sized crystals.

Molecular Dimensions carry the only range of high capacity vibration free incubators designed for crystallography.

TG40Simple and Efficient temperature optimization

Harness the benefits of temperature screening for crystal optimization in a simple and effective bench top system.

To find out how temperature screening can improve your crystallizations go to the TG40/TG200 page or download the “Straight forward temperature screening” flyer.

Temperature screening references:
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(7) Penkova et al. (2002) Acta Cryst. D58,1606.
(8) Budayova-Spano et al. (2007) Acta Cryst. D63, 339.
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