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Introducing CryoSol™ – Worry free ligand solubilization and
crystal cryocooling
Dilvac Dewar Flasks with replaceable glass
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CryoSol™ - Solubilize hydrophobic ligands for co-crystallization
and cryoprotection

Developed in the Laboratory of Dr. Enrico Stura at CEA Saclay, France CryoSol™ is an extended set of multicomponent solutions intended for crystal cryoprotection and soaking of hydrophobic ligands into crystals.

a) Crystals of TTR grown in complex with curcumin
b) Crystal structure of TTR-curcumin complex following further soaking in a cryosol solution with curcumin (PDB: 4PMF).

  • Simultaneously soak in your molecule and cryoprotect your crystal
  • Co-crystallize with hydrophobic compounds (ligands, inhibitors, cofactors, coenzymes etc.)
  • Designed to improve diffraction resolution and reduce mosaicity

Ciccone L., Vera L., Tepshi L., Rosalia L., Rossello A. & Stura E.A.(2015) Multicomponent mixtures for cryoprotection and ligand solubilization. (ICCBM15 poster) Biotechnol. Reports (submitted)

Ciccone L, Tepshi L, Nencetti S, Stura EA.N Biotechnol. (2015) “Transthyretin complexes with curcumin and bromo-estradiol: Evaluation of solubilizing multicomponent mixtures” 32(1):54-64.
L Vera, EA Stura - Crystal Growth & Design, (2014) “Strategies for Protein Cryocrystallography”14 (2), 427-435..

Dilvac Dewar Flasks

Check out our new range of Dilvac Dewar flasks. Manufactured to exacting standards and represent the highest quality dewars available today for laboratory use.

  • For cryocooling crystals, biological samples and working with cryotools etc.
  • High-quality stainless steel containers - rust-free, anti-corrosive, hygienic and strong
  • Replaceable glass


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Throughout 2015 we will be running a quarterly competition
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Simply email your picture to us to have a chance
to win the winner will be announced on Thursday 2nd April.

Photos submitted will be displayed on our social media pages.

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