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Do your crystals contain your complex? - Trace labeling can show you….
Come and see us at IUCr and get some advice on that difficult project.

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Does your crystal contain all parts of your complex?

One group tried over 50,000 conditions to crystallize their complex using standard methods; nothing worked.

Using trace fluorescent labeling and the Crystal X2, they found at least seven complex hits from just 576 conditions in four days!

Check each part of a complex are in the crystal with trace fluorescent labeling and the CrystalX2. Labeling only 0.1% of each of component with different dyes allows you to view if all components are present in the crystal.

Polymerase B protein was labeled with Carboxyrhodamine (green dye), and DNA was labeled with Texas Red (red dye). After 4 days, a crystal lead was found, and using the CrystalX2, it was determined to contain the protein-DNA complex. (image courtesy of iXpressGenes)

This is just one example of how we’ve helped our customers solve a tricky problem – E-mail us to find out more, or better yet come and talk to us on the booth at IUCr to see how we can help you!

Whether you’re working on membrane proteins, soluble proteins, nucleic acids or complexes – we can advise on the best screens and instrumentation for your unique project.

Let us know if you want to bring your own samples by dropping us an email here – you can also try out:

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Choose from our large range of innovative screens and find the best strategy for your protein


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