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A marriage made in heaven .....
MultiXtal™ Screen - Optimized counter diffusion screen....
Great Deals - 3 for 2 on Screening and Optimization....
Laminex™ HT - SBS sized glass LCP bases
ideal for in-situ data collection......

A marriage made in heaven.... benefit from both gradient crystallization and in-situ diffraction

We are not all lucky enough to get the perfect crystal straight away, if truth be told, anything at all. If your luck is out and you end up with:

(a) Nothing.
(b) Crystalline material too small to fish out.
(c) Fragile crystals that die upon contact.
(d) All of the above.

Then fear not - the fastest way is not always the best.
What if we said you could fine screen crystallization conditions and never have to touch your crystal to get data?

The solution lies here.....

MultiXtal™ Screen - Optimized counter diffusion screen....

NEW MultiXtal™ is designed as a high PEG concentration screen for counter-diffusion experiments as well as for use in vapour diffusion and seeding experiments. It contains higher PEG concentrations than found in traditional standard screens; offering greater flexibility in its usage.

Features of MultiXtal:

  • High PEG concentration screen.
  • Suitable for soluble and membrane proteins.
  • Ideal for counter-diffusion experiments- compatible with CrystalHarp™.
  • Use in seeding experiments.
  • Available now as prefilled microplate (FX) format.

Find out more about MultiXtal™

Great Deals - 3 for 2 on Screening and Optimization.

To celebrate 15 years of providing cutting edge products to
the protein crystallization community we are offering 3 for 2
on our fantastic screens and reagents.

As crystallization targets become more challenging you
need an efficient, low redundancy screening strategy to stay ahead of the competition. A combination of proven successful screens such as PACT Premier and JCSG Plus together with the latest technology (Morpheus®, PGA and MIDAS) gives you the optimum chance of getting that vital crystal. So instead of hoping the same old screens will do the job, why not take the opportunity to supplement your screening for the better? For a limited time with 3 for 2 success is more cost effective than ever.

Simply follow the link below and quote the offer code = 3FOR2 on your order today.

Show me how to start saving now..............

Laminex™ HT - SBS sized glass LCP bases to aid in-situ data collection...

A 10 pack of Laminex HT Glass base with a 200 micron spacer.

  • Specially cut SBS size Laminex glass bases for Lipidic Cubic Phase experiments.
  • Sized for frame-less handling on robotic beam-lines or in automated imaging systems. Additional space provides room for barcode label on upwards facing surface.
  • Dispense as with Standard Laminex and seal with standard Laminex cover options. Please note that these bases are LARGER than the original Laminex.

Order now - product code MD11-50-HT

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