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New eco-screens
Custom Screens & Reagents
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New eco-friendly screens.

New eco-friendly screensDue to popular request by many of our customers, all our sodium cacodylate*-containing screens can now be purchased cacodylate-free. Better for you and the environment.

Although cacodylate is a phosphate mimic(1) and can be beneficial in crystallizing some types of proteins and nucleic acids, it can react with “..free sulfhydryl groups..” and can cause “..distortion of the geometry of active sites..(2). This, together with the toxicity(3) and disposal restriction rules of cacodylate makes these cacodylate-free screens ideal for your crystallization experiments.

*Cacodylic acid, sodium salt & cacodylic acid. Synonyms: Sodium Dimethylarsinate Trihydrate, Dimethylarsinate (DMA), (Arsenic containing compound).

1) Banfield et al, Structure 1998, Vol 6 (10): pp1245-1254.
2) Goldgur et al, (1998). PNAS, 95:9150-9154.
3) Kenyon, E. M.& Hughes, M. F. (2001). "A Concise Review of the Toxicity and Carcinogenicity of Dimethylarsenic Acid". Toxicology 160 (1-3): 227–236.

Listening to your Needs: You told us, We listened.

Custom Screens & ReagentsCustom Screens & Reagents

Over the years Molecular Dimensions have gained extensive experience of producing custom crystallization screens for its many customers. (Some of these screens have since gone on to become some of our best-selling crystallization screens, e.g. MorpheusTM, Clear Strategy and

We can now provide custom crystallization screens & solutions designed by you. Simply provide the specifications; molarity, pH etc. and we’ll do the rest; from small-scale (mL) to large-scale (L).

All solutions are manufactured to our exacting standards using ultra-pure 18 Mega Ω water. All custom reagents & screens are treated as strictly confidential and are provided with full traceability.

'I have been ordering custom screens from Molecular Dimensions since I started my crystallography project 3 years ago. Very quick and convenient !!! ’
MRC Prion Unit, London, UK.

Contact Us now for your tailored custom screen/reagent quotation.

Custom CryoMount SetsCustom CryoMount Sets

Did you know that you can order your own custom set of CryoMounted LithoLoops to fit your own use? Choose from any of our sizes or types of LithoLoops and have them made into your own Custom Cryomount Set. Minimum 10 loops per size/type. Contact Us now for a quotation.

'The custom elliptical LithoLoops that we've got from you are the ideal size for our crystals.. I have checked the diffraction images of the crystals saved in these LithoLoops at the ESRF and I've managed to improve on the diffraction resolution… I'm happy with the custom Elliptical LithoLoops that I have used recently and I would be happy to order more in the future'
MRC-MBU, Cambridge, UK.

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