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Uni-puck System - Sample mounting, storage, and shipping
Explore more crystallization space -   with the Morpheus screen
Coming soon -   Find more hits with our new UVEX UV Fluorescence
and Absorbance imagers
Meet Us - In person at ACA Albuquerque and the Molecular
Machines symposium in Heidelberg

Uni-puck system - Sample mounting, storage, and shipping

Molecular Dimensions now supplies the Uni-puck system. The universal puck project resulted from a collaborative project to develop a standard cryo-mounted sample pin storage and shipping container for use with the majority of automated sample mounting systems worldwide.

  • Each puck holds 16 standard 18mm sample pins in CryoCaps
  • Designed for compatibility with the most commonly used robotic
    systems, including SAMS, CATS, SPACE, and ACTOR amongst
    others at these beamlines
  • Can be personalised with custom serial numbers
  • Ideal for use with the CX100 transport Dewar and shipping case

Uni-puck accessories:

  • Shelved shipping cane
  • Angled tongs
  • Puck separator tools
  • Puck wand
  • Puck dewar loading tool
  • Puck loading dewar with lid

SAVE when you order 7 Uni-pucks together

Exploring more crystallization space with the Morpheus screen

Developed by Fabrice Gorrec in the world renowned MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (MRC-LMB, Cambridge, UK). Morpheus is based on extensive data-mining of the PDB; this unique screen aims to unlock novel chemical space previously inaccessible in conventional screens.

Morpheus incorporates 49 low molecular weight components selected from deposited structures; the largest being HEPES MW 238.30 g/mol and the smallest a lithium ion MW 6.94 g/mol. The concept integrates several innovative approaches, such as chemically compatible mixes of potential ligands, new buffer systems and precipitant mixes that also act as cryoprotectants.

Examples of successful crystallization with Morpheus
(with the permission of A. Berndt, P. Ajaybabu, J. Salje, K. Michie and H. Low).


  • Simple and effective 3D grid design covering a range of pH, PEGs
    and salt additives
  • Targeted incorporation of 49 low molecular weight ligands observed to promote both initial crystal formation and lattice stability
  • Reduced crystal "stress" - all conditions contain cryo-protection
  • Derived from extensive data mining of over 33,000 PDB entries.

96 condition screen available in 10 ml tubes or deep-well blocks

Reference: Gorrec F. (2009). J. Appl. Cryst. 42, 1035-1042

Read more - Modern approach to protein crystallization screening

DON'T FORGET - we can help make your life easier and save you money with our Custom made Optimization and Crystallization Screen service.

Coming soon - Crystal Imaging with UVEX UV Fluorescence
and Absorbance Microscopes

  • Simple differentiation of protein or other biomolecules from salt crystals
  • UV fluorescence
    - In-situ protein-salt discrimination
    - Discovery of hidden crystals eg. in LCP
    - Microcrystal identification
  • UV absorbance
    - Recognition of nucleic acid crystals
    - Detection of protein crystals where fluorescence may be quenched by adjacent charged residues, ligands, or chromophores
  • Suitable for sitting drop, hanging drop, LCP and free diffusion capillary experiments
  • Excellent image quality from a combination of a highly UV sensitive camera, reduced noise, custom optics and LED light sources
  • Manual to automated models to suit every budget and need
    - Learn more.

Molecular Machines: Lessons from Integrating Structure, Biophysics and ChemistryMeet Us in person:

Molecular Dimensions will be present at
both the meetings below in May

Iif you're going, be sure to pop along and see
what's new from Molecular Dimensions.

2014 Annual Meeting of the ACA

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