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A nice surprise from Cryst-Kindle!
NEW – CrystalQuick™ X-ray Plate for in-situ data collection.
Still working when you’re not – durable and dependable incubators.
Rapid and reliable delivery – first time, every time.

A nice surprise from Cryst-Kindle! - Amazon Kindles with orders before Christmas.

Amazon KindleTo get you in the Christmas spirit we are offering complimentary Amazon Kindles with all orders over the following amounts:
£1400, €1600 or $2250*

Simply quote “CrystKindle” on the qualifying order to receive one.

“ChristKindl” is the name given to the German
“gift-bringer” who appears at Christmas time.

*Terms and conditions apply, closing date for orders is 16th December 2011

NEW - CrystalQuick™ X-ray Plate for in-situ data collection.

CrystalQuick X-Ray PlateRecent advances in automation and sample handing have seen a growing need for in-situ data collection devices, which have the advantage of greatly reducing manual handling damage to small and fragile crystals.

We now offer a plate specifically designed for in-plate diffraction featuring:

  • Collect X-ray images with an 80 degree angular range.
  • An ultra thin flat well bottom giving minimal background diffraction and bright clear microscope images.
  • 96x2 micro-alphanumeric labelled sub wells for up to 192 samples per plate.
  • Low Birefringence (for polarized work) and reduced UV-light absorption for crystal identification
  • SBS format -Compatible with crystallization robots.

The CrystalQuick X-plate was ranked first among 8 plates tested at the SLS:
R. Bingel-Erlenmeyer et al., "SLS Crystallization Platform at Beamline X06DA-A Fully Automated Pipeline Enabling in Situ X-ray Diffraction Screening", Cryst. Growth Des. 2011, 11, 916-923

A 10 plate trial pack of these plates is available for a limited time only.

Product code MD11-58-10.

Still working when you’re not – durable and dependable incubators.

Small bench top incubatorYou turn the lights out and close the lab door at the end of another day, but not everything stops working.

We often entrust our most precious samples and plates to little more than household style fridges not designed for purpose.

Our vibration free incubators (100-390L) are the only cabinets specifically designed and engineered for protein crystal growth, whilst the bench top incubators (27.5-55L) not only offer
full programmability but are also stackable to
provide a bank of temperatures with which to experiment.

Our range of robust and reliable Bench top and floor standing incubators for crystallization, range from 27.5L to 390L in size.

So turn the lights out with confidence in their quality.

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Rapid and reliable delivery on all orders, first time and every time!

Here at Molecular Dimensions we know you are often in a hurry to get your order as science never sleeps. Orders placed before 11am are nearly always shipped out on the same day – meaning a 2-3 working day* delivery in the majority of cases, even to Australia and New Zealand.

(*assumes items are in stock and standard courier terms and condition apply).

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