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NEW - SG1, the ShotGun screen from Janet Newman

Special Christmas Offer - Back by popular demand, give your lab or yourself a reward for all your hard work

Why buy MCSG, PEG/Ion, INDEX, Crystal Screens I & II, JCSG core 1, and Classics I & II when you can buy one simple screen containing the top
hits from all of these?

Dr. Janet Newman, Facility Director for C3 at CSIRO, Australia.

SG1* (ShotGun Screen) is a new screen designed by Janet Newman et al from CSIRO and represents the most successful, non-redundant frequently reported crystallization conditions from the above screens as a better alternative to the drunken search (the process of performing a search where it is convenient, rather than where it is appropriate).
Ref: Fazio VJ, Peat TS & Newman J (2014). A drunken search in Crystallization Space. Acta Cryst. F70:1303-1311

Combine SG1 with modern screens such as Morpheus™and MIDAS™ to explore novel precipitants and ligands and search far more crystallization space saving time and money.


Images of HSP90 (N-term domain) crystallized in C3 for MecRx
from SG1 (ShotGun) screen
(courtesy of J.Newman, CSIRO)

Available in HT96, 96 x 10ml and also as an Eco-Screen (Cacodylate free).

*Developed by Janet Newman (CSIRO) and manufactured under licence by Molecular Dimensions Ltd. Molecular Dimensions operates an ethical
approach to all its products by making sure the inventors of its products receive the appropriate acknowledgments/rewards for their hard work. We hope you appreciate their hard work too and only buy the real-thing, anything else that
is not licenced does not acknowledge or support the inventor and institute.

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