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Researchers discover improved methods..........
Moving on Up - NEW Address for our US Office!

Researchers discover improved methods..........

For more than a decade, Molecular Dimensions has taken pride in working with leading academic researchers to provide you with the latest laboratory designed, innovative products. Because we care about your success we would like you to know about some of our newest and most exciting products and more importantly the hardworking researchers behind them:

Dr Simon NewsteadMemGold2™- the latest and most up-to-date membrane protein screen - Developed by Dr. Simon Newstead and Joanne Parker from Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford. Simon is a former member of Prof. So Iwata’s group at Imperial College, London; the birthplace of such famous screens as MemSys™, MemStart™ and MemGold™. Since then he has successfully started his own group at the University of Oxford where we continue to work with him on new products for membrane protein crystallography.

Following MemGold2™, Simon has designed and developed MemAdvantage™ - the first additive screen targeting membrane proteins which is due to be released in October 2012.

Parker, J. and Newstead, S. 'Current trends in alpha helical membrane protein crystallization: an update', Protein Science, 2012 Sep;21(9):1358-65.

Dr. Mareike Kurz and Beat 
BlattmanCrystalHarp™, our in situ counter diffusion capillary
plate is the brainchild of the always smiling Dr. Beat
Blattmann at the University of Zurich, who began developing a capillary SBS plate for high throughput
work in 2005/6 initially with financial support from the Swiss National Science Foundation programme. The University of Zurich took out patent protection for the idea in 2008 and further work involving Dr. Mareike Kurz (also at University of Zurich) and a collaboration with world leading plastic-ware manufacturer SwissCi resulted in the finished CrystalHarp™ you can purchase today, and soon to include a new 48 condition interface diffusion screen

Kurz et al. "High-throughput counter-diffusion capillary crystallization and in situ diffraction using high-pressure freezing in protein crystallography", J. Appl. Cryst. (2012). 45

Nickolay ChirgadzeX-CHIP (X-ray Crystallography High-throughput Integrated Platform) is a novel in-situ microchip developed by Dr. Nickolay Chirgadze and his research team out of a desire to combine and simplify multiple steps of the crystallization and diffraction data acquisition process. Working at the Ontario Cancer Institute, Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, Canada, they sought to create a platform that would combine conventional screening, inspection, and data collection all into one device. The resulting product allows you to screen for crystallization hits using a microbatch approach that can then be imaged and directly mounted onto the goniometer for room temperature data collection in high-throughput fashion. This method has the added benefit of minimized handling and disruption to the crystal ensuring maximum quality of X-ray diffraction data.

Kisselman, G et al. "X-CHIP: an integrated platform for high throughput protein crystallization and on-the-chip X-ray diffraction data collection". Acta Cryst. (2011). D67, 533-539.

Moving on Up - NEW Address for our US Office!

To meet with the ever increasing demand for our products in the Americas, Molecular Dimensions Inc. has moved to a larger facility at:

Molecular Dimensions Inc.
849 Sunshine Lane,
Altamonte Springs,
Florida, 32714
Tel: +1 877 479 4339 or +1 407 886 6901
Fax: +1 321 972-8896
Email: usorders@moleculardimensions.com

So that we can continue to provide you with an outstanding service please note our new address and fax number, and forward this information to your purchasing and accounts departments. Our telephone numbers have not changed. Thank you.

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