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A new screen -Midas™
A new range of Bench Top incubators
3 novel crystallization plates
A new Automated Optimization Screen Maker
A new technique - nucleation screening with sub µl DLS

Did you know that Molecular Dimensions was the only supplier that provides a ‘complete protein crystallization solution’, at the IUCr 2011 Congress in Madrid this year? And that Molecular Dimensions introduced several innovative products that will enable even greater successes with protein crystallization experiments?
  • A new screen - Midas™
  • A new range of Bench Top incubators
  • 3 novel Crystallization Plates
  • A new Automated Optimization Screen Maker
  • A new technique - Nucleation Screening with sub µl DLS

A new screen -Midas™

Continuing our commitment to launch innovative and unique crystal growth screens, such as Morpheus and PGA, we introduced a revolutionary new screen - Midas™. Midas is a 96 condition crystallization screen based on alternative polymeric precipitants to complement PEG- and salt-based screens.

Every condition contains at least one alternative polymeric precipitant, and is ideal for protein, protein/protein complexes, protein-nucleic acid complexes, and sensitive macromolecular complexes.

A new range of Bench Top incubators

Molecular Dimensions is well known for its Cooled Crystal Growth Incubators and in Madrid we demonstrated our new range of 27.5L and 55L Bench Top incubators.

Molecular Dimensions provides a range of quality Bench Top and floor standing incubators for crystallization, ranging from 27.5L to 390L in size. Our vibration free incubators (100-390L) are the only cabinets specifically designed and engineered for protein crystal growth, whilst the Bench Top Incubators (27.5and 55L) not only offer full programmability but are also stackable to provide a bank of temperatures with which to experiment.
Three novel crystallization plates

On Friday lunch time we hosted a seminar on in-situ X-ray diffraction Screening where 3 novel products were discussed CrystalHarp™, CrystalQuick X™ Plate, and the soon to be available X-Chip, as well as the experiences from SLS. On our booth the very popular MRC Crystallization plate was a favourite, and amongst the membrane protein people Laminex™ was the system of choice for setting up LCP screens.

A new Automated Optimization
Screen Maker

A major attraction was the launch of Optimizer™- our new automated crystallization screen maker for custom preparation of crystallization or optimization Screens.

The flexible Optimizer platform uses stock solutions in plates, blocks or tubes to construct or re-format screens rapidly, directly into plates or deep well blocks using simple Excel® files.

A new technique -
nucleation screening with sub µl DLS

Our ever popular X-taLight 100 UV fluorescence conversion for existing microscopes was in constant use by visitors but, the star of our instrument display was the introduction of sub µL DLS with imaging with the new SpectroLight™ 600. Sub µL in-plate dynamic light scattering allows, for the first time, the analysis of each drop's progress towards nucleation as well as quick pre-crystallization screening of sample stability, homogeneity and quality against buffers, ligands and even detergents.

Screening progress towards nucleation enables user intervention to modify clear drops to initiate nucleation, dilute drops likely to precipitate, or even control the likely crystal size! In other words, recover clear drops and revisit potential hits using in-situ DLS data for guidance and reduce the large amount of time wasted on false hits.

This unique range of analytical instruments can be provided as X-taLight 200 imagers, with or without UV, or as the SpecroLight 600 series with in-drop, plate scanning, dls analysis and imaging

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