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NEW THINKING - The easiest way to optimize a screen....
NEW RANGE - Metal Nitrogen dewars - quality with value....
Going Green - Get high yields with Animal-Product-Free media....
Great idea! - Low cost microscope conversion for UV illumination....
Useful tips - Seeding exercises from Dr Terese Bergfors....

NEW THINKING - The easiest way to optimize a screen...

You design it, we make it.

Simple and speedy optimization
doesn't have to cost a lot
- making
quality screens
is what we do, so save:
(a) Time
(b) Effort
and (c) Budget

We provide the highest manufacturing
quality with full traceability and complete confidentiality.

Looking for an optimization robot? - ask yourself this:

How many optimization screens will your group realistically need to make per annum?

For the cost of purchasing and running an optimization robot (tips, bottles, chemicals, operator time) you could use our service at least 350 times in one year alone!! (Based on ordering a screen in a single 1ml HT 96 block each time).

"I have to admit that I was very pleased with your service, and I found the pricing very reasonable. That single screen likely saved me a week's work. "
Stanford, USA.

"I have been ordering custom screens from Molecular Dimensions since I started my crystallography project 3 years ago. Very quick and convenient!
MRC, London, UK.

Your screens delivered to your door - Learn more now>>

Don't forget that we also provide
a full range of pre-made
stock reagents and buffers...

Introducing a new range of
high quality aluminium dewars
for liquid nitrogen handling and cryogenic sample manipulation.

  • Highly robust aluminium construction in sizes of 600ml, 850ml and 1000ml (1000ml available with and without handle).
  • Wide access area to allow
    easy freezing and recovery of samples.
  • Designed to minimize heat transfer when using liquid N2.

Find out more here...>>

Going Green - getting high yields with Animal-Product-Free media

Whether you have to comply with regulations on the use of animal
products or are just keen to do things
in a more sustainable fashion with potentially higher yields - our
Animal-Product - Free media
range is for you.

Animal Product Free (APF) formulations can yield more recombinant protein per unit volume, especially the Prime-olate versions. The Prime-olate formulation incorporates Atholate™, a blend of
plant hydrolysates that provide a
nearly identical amino acid composition
to casein - the usual animal protein component. Atholate is thus a better replacement than other media using only soy protein hydrolysate.

See how to improve your protein yields quickly and easily using our
APF Media Optimization kits - so why not get started today...

Read more about the effect of expression media on
protein expression levels..............

Great idea - low cost microscope conversion for UV illumination

Getting a UV source in your lab doesn't have to cost the earth. XtaLight 100TM gives you simple, effective protein crystal identification for a fraction of the price of an imaging system.

  • Simply attaches directly to an existing microscope
  • Differentiate between salt and protein crystals
  • Reveal tiny crystals against precipitate
  • Reduce time wasted on “false hits”

Learn more about the X-taLight™ system or request a demonstration now.

Useful tips - simple seeding exercises
for your own projects

This month Dr. Terese Bergfors from Uppsala
University provides a practical insight into seeding and
how to apply this technique to your protein.

Read the article now...

To learn more about our products related
to seeding see:

Did you miss these three exciting new screen releases?

New Screen Helix™ - a new era in nucleic acid crystallization screening. Plus Enter our Helix Competition to Win a copy of James D Watsons book and an etched DNA block here!

MemAdvantage™ - the first additive screen developed exclusively for membrane proteins.

MultiXtal™ Optimized counter diffusion screen for gradient crystallizations.


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