Additive Screen MD1-11


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Additives may affect hydration and intermolecular interactions between protein molecules or between protein molecule and solvent and even ligands.

  • This kit is designed to test the effect of 24 compounds on protein crystal growth.
  • Screen examples from different classes of additives typically used in crystal growth trials.
  • 24 unique reagents supplied.

Yes! It is true we only supply 24 reagents (unlike the hundreds sold by other companies)- but as these are each an example of a specific class of additives, they provide you with a fast and efficient way to screen different classes of additives. So, if you get a hit with, for example, Xylitol - then you will know that sugars are important for your crystallization of your specific protein and therefore, you can then go ahead and test a range of sugars.

The concentrations of the 24 reagents have been designed to allow minimum dilution of the sample drop, and are sufficiently concentrated that vapour diffusion experiments can be carried out in as little as a 2.5 μl drop.
All additives have to be added to the sample protein.

Non-volatile reagents can be added directly to a sitting or hanging drop. Volatile reagents must be added to the well solution also since they will equilibrate by vapour diffusion with the vapour (air space) above the well solution. Detailed instructions are given in the datasheet so as to achieve the appropriate additive concentration in the drop.




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