The Clear Strategy™ Combination MD1-16


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Two complimentary 6 x 4 matrix screens developed by Dr. A. M. Brzozowski and J. Walton from Laboratroy of Structural Biology at University of York, UK.

A very successful screen; the screen lets you choose the pH according to the known properties of a particular protein such as isoelectric point, solubility or stability. The screen utilizes precipitants which can be used as a cryoprotectants and also provide potential anomalous scatterers.

Our unique Clear Strategy Screens I + II are available at this exceptionally low price when purchased together.

Clear Strategy Screen I:
  • A simple, flexible and efficient screen
  • Suitable for sitting drop, hanging drop and sandwich vapour diffusion experiments.
  • Enable easy interpretation of results and simple planning of further experiments.
  • Full control of screen solution pH.
  • Cryoprotection of crystals.
  • Rational planning of further experiments
  • Potential anomalous scattering centres.

Clear Strategy Screen II:
  • A complimentary screen to CSSI.
  • Has flexible scaffolding of parameters.
  • Easily modified to the specific needs of a project.
  • Easily interpret results and optimize your experiments with this versatile screening kit.

Both Clear Strategy Screen kits contain 24 stock solutions (10 mL) and five pH’d 1M buffers (20 mL) allowing full control of the pH of the screen solutions and facilitating cryoprotection and potential incorporation of anomalous scatters.

Clear Strategy I and Clear Strategy II are also available as HT-96 deep well block screens.

Keywords: Protein crystallization screen for salts, PEGS, organics and divalent cations, pHClear.

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