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This brand-new innovative CryoKit has been developed and formulated by Dr. Enrico Stura and Laura Vera at CEA Saclay, France. This kit is designed for the cryoprotection of protein crystals and is for use after the crystals have been grown.

Get more from your crystals with this new, multi-component cryoprotectant kit for protein crystals.

  • Preserve the highest diffraction potential of crystals.
  • Ready-made mixtures.
  • Incorporates pH screening.
  • Crystals less likely to crack or dissolve.
  • Ideal for heavy atom, ligand or back soaks.
  • Screen with low-affinity, low-solubility inhibitors.
  • Customisation options - can be customised to match most current projects.

Stock reagents of the components of this kit and can also be purchased from Molecular Dimensions.

Vera, Laura, and Enrico A. Stura. "Strategies for protein cryocrystallography." Crystal Growth & Design 14.2 (2013):427-435.

"Picture this scenario: monday afternoon, the dewar is about to leave the lab with crystals for synchrotron measurement; you do a final inspection to your crystallization plates eagerly hoping for crystals of you new project and... voilá!!! One condition has four beautiful crystals!!! Is there still time to freeze them and send them with this shipment??? Is the condition cryo??? Will they diffract??? Since we bought the CryoProtX cryo kit, some of the questions above were self-answered: yes, there will be time (CryoProtX will save you time!!), yes, it will be cryo (CryoProtX always has a condition that your crystals will like!!!), yes, it will diffract (in our hands, CryoProtX yielded at least three new structures that were de novo phased using data collected from crystals cryo protected with CryoProtX!!). We are very very pleased with this kit and we strongly recommend it, not only as a last resort (or last minute) tool, but as an important step in the "from gene to structure" pipeline of any Macromolecular Crystallography Laboratory.

Rosario, A. R. and Brito, J. A., et al. (2015), Acta F71, 477-482
Sena, F. V. and Brito, J. A., et al. (2015), Molec. Microbiol. 98(2), 272-288
Brito J. A., et al. (2016) two submitted papers and one in preparation"
Jose Artur Brito, ITQB-UNL, Portugal





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