HC35 - High Capacity Crystal Storage Dewar MD7-44


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The High Capacity (HC) series of refrigerators are designed for storing large quantities of a variety of materials at cryogenic temperatures. Temperatures generally range between -196˚C (-320˚F) at the liquid surface, and -190˚C (-310˚F) at the cannister top.

Features of the HC35 Series- High Capacity Refrigerator.

  • Large storage capacity - 850 cryovials (5/cane)- 1020 (6/cane).
  • Holds 35 L of liquid Nitrogen.
  • Versatile storage system – convenient canister numbered index location.
  • Superior vacuum performance with super insulation provides maximum holding times
  • 130 day static holding time.
  • Comes with ten canisters for storage of cryocanes.

ESRF compatibility - Can hold up 5 ESRF baskets per canister (50 ESRF baskets) with shelved basket storage system MD7-44-512 (not included, please order separately).
Unipuck compatibility - Can be used to store 7 unipucks with our uni-puck shelved storage cane MD7-611
Security – Optional low-level alarm is available with remote monitor and lockable lid.
Mobility – Roller base is available.




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