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Optimized screen for LCP crystallization.

Make sure you get the lipidic phase you need for success.

Developed in conjunction with the successful laboratory of Prof. Osamu Nureki at the University of Tokyo, Japan, this semi-systematic screen has been designed to work in synergy with Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP), now commonly used in membrane protein crystallization, without perturbing phase formation.
MemMeso™ is presented as a targeted sparse matrix kit of 96 x 10 mL conditions in a SBS deep-well block.

Benefits of MemMesoTM:

Optimized to work in synergy with Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP) and the LCP crystallization method.

Worry-Free screening in both LCP and Sponge Phase.

Up-to-date conditions data-mined from current reported GPCR crystal structures.

HT- format semi-systematic screening kit, containing 96 conditions covering a range of pH, precipitants and salt.

Proven success at crystallizing the crystal structures of eight membrane proteins, including the structure of channelrhodopsin (2012, Nature).

Crystals of channelrhodopsin (Kato et al., Nature, 2012)

To date, components of MemMeso have crystallized no fewer than eight membrane proteins structures, namely: Channelrhodopsin (2012, Nature, Vol 482, p369-375), PfMATE (2013, Nature, Vol 496, p247-253), NCX_Mj (2013, Science, Vol 341, p168-172), GkPOT (2013, PNAS, Vol 110 no 28, p11343-11348), and four bacterial transporters (eg. 2015, Nature Communications, 6, 8545).

Keywords: lipidic cubic phase crystallization screen, in-meso crystallization screen, membrane protein crystallography, membrane protein crystals, membrane protein screen, channelrhodopsin, peptide transporter structure, Nureki group.




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