Uni-Puck Starter Kit MD7-600


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The Universal V1-Puck (uni-puck) is a sample pin storage and shipping container for use with the majority of automated sample mounting systems worldwide - includes the ACTOR, CATS and SAMS sytems amongst others (Diamond, Soleil, SPring-8, Photon Factory, CLSI and across the USA).

The Uni-Puck Carry Case (MD7-610) does not come with the starter kit, but is an easy way to safely carry the contents of your Starter Kit apart from the Puck Loading Dewar.

Contents of Starter Kit:

7 x Uni-pucks
The Universal V1-Puck (uni-puck) is a sample pin storage and shipping container compatible with the majority automated sample mounting systems worldwide. Each Uni-puck holds 16 standard 18mm sample pins in CryoCaps.
It consists of two parts: 1) the sample enclosure, and 2) the sample base piece.
Each part of the Uni-puck has a unique serial number for identification. Custom Serial Numbers are available upon request.
(Always consult your local beamline user support contact about specifics of container and sample pin compatibility)

To buy separately:MD7-601 (1 puck), MD7-602 (7 pucks), MD7-613 (10 pucks).

1 x Puck-Shelved Shipping Cane (
Seven uni-pucks may be shipped or stored in this cane, which fits into the CX100 transport Dewar (Dry Shipper - MD7-21)

1 x Angled Cryo-Tongs (MD7-604)
These tongs are designed specifically to hold and transfer cryo-cooled pucks.

1 x Puck Separator Tools (MD7-605)
This set of tools includes one base removal platform and one porcupine push tool to recuperate your samples.

1 x Puck Wand (MD7-606)
Magnetic puck-base holder; it is designed for attaching the base plate to the sample enclosure.

1 X Cane Lifting Tool (Hook, MD7-609)
For removal of the shipping rack from a dewar.

1 x Puck Dewar Loading Tools (MD7-607)
This tool is used to separate uni-pucks to load them into the robot dewar. It consists of two pieces: a Teflon tube part and a metal rod part.

1 X Puck Loading Dewar with Lid (MD7-608)
This dewar can up to three uni-pucks for ease of loading.




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