PACT premier™ FX-96 pre-filled plate MD1-36-FX


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PACT premier™ is 3 screens in one box:

  1. A 24 well pH/PEG screen with broad range buffers to maintain consistent buffer chemistry across the pH range
  2. A 24 well Cation/PEG screen
  3. A 48 well anion/PEG screen
PACT was developed to systematically test the effect of pH, anions and cations, using PEG as the precipitant.

This screen has been implemented very successfully at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI), and at the Oxford Protein Production Facility (OXPPF).

PACT premier™ (commercialized under license which contributes back to the originator's research) - takes the popular systematic PEG/Ion approach and extends this by adding the pH parameter.

When used together with JCSG-plus™ (JCSG+) as a primary screening strategy this combination is extremely powerful and successful, being a combination of a modern sparse matrix approach and an information yielding systematic trial.

The PACT/JCSG Strategy

This systematic grid screen screen is complemented by an optimized sparse matrix screen such as JCSG-plus™. Together, the two screens comprise a highly effective strategy to identify new crystallization conditions, as demonstrated by SPINE members (Newman et al, 2005. Towards rationalization of crystallization screening for small- to medium-sized laboratories: the PACT/JCSG+ strategy. Acta Cryst. D61: 1426). When combined with JCSG-plus™ this screen is the optimum starting point for growing a protein crystal (see MemGold™ for Membrane protein crystal growth).

The screen was developed by Janet Newman, and was tested in the laboratory of Anastassis Perrakis at the NKI as part of the SPINE program, and is manufactured under license by Molecular Dimensions.




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