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MD1-112/MD1-113/MD1-113-FX (Select which format you want from the drop down menu)

A unique screen designed for transporter proteins:

  • MemTrans uniquely targets transporter proteins.
  • Includes the most common transporter protein crystallization conditions to maximize your chances of success.
  • Continually updated database1,2 ensures most recent hit conditions are present.
  • Hand-curated database3 to remove false positives from unrelated structures – only transporter protein conditions contribute to the formulation.
  • Developed by Prof. Simon Newstead and Dr Joanna Parker who developed our popular MemGold screens.
  • Exclusively available from Molecular Dimensions.

Since releasing the popular MemGold and MemGold II1,2 screens, Prof Simon Newstead of Oxford University has continued to hand-curate his database3 of α-helical membrane protein structures and their crystallization conditions.

The database is now large enough to allow robust analysis of functional sub-groups within the dataset as a whole. This has resulted in the development of a new-generation of screens, including MemTrans, focused on particular classes of membrane protein.


  1. Newstead, S., Ferrandon, S., Iwata, S. Protein Science 17: 466-472 (2008).
  2. Parker, J. and Newstead, S. Protein Science 21: 1358-1365 (2012).
  3. Parker, J. L. and Newstead, S. Adv. Exp. Med. Biol 922: 61-72 (2016).

*Developed by Prof Simon Newstead and Dr Joanne Parker of Oxford University and exclusively licensed to Molecular Dimensions Ltd by Oxford University Innovation.




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