Magnetic CryoVials & CryoCaps


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Magnetic CryoVials & CryoCaps

Mounted LithoLoops, CryoCaps and Magnetic Vials, strictly follow SPINE specifications. In particular, tighter engineering tolerances improve precision and reliability for robotic handling and stability for use with micro-crystals.

Features of CryoCap™:

  • Rounded edges avoid potential blocking during transfers.
  • Made from ferromagnetic stainless steel (420).
  • Minimum quantity of material to reduce the freezing/melting/drying cycle when the sample holder is transferred.
  • The pin hole diameter and depth are designed to hold 18 mm pins precisely and securely.
  • Available both plain or with a human readable code and a DATA MATRIX code for automated sample recording.
  • Codes are laser engraved so that they do not rub off.
  • Compatible with existing goniometer mounts.
  • When used with 18 mm pins the sample holder length (cap + pin + loop) is 22 mm.

Features of Magnetic CryoVials:
  • Rounded edges avoid potential blocking during transfers.
  • Ferromagnetic disc at the bottom of the vials for "positive" vial manipulation with a magnet.
  • Magnetic ring polarity, holds the CryoCap, locates in a EMBL/ESRF Sample Changer Basket and recovers the CryoCap from the goniometer mount.
  • Vent hole to avoid nitrogen pressure build up.
  • Manufactured to tight engineering tolerances for reliable robotic handling.

Beamline Compatibility

SPINE-standard CryoCaps are compatible with the following synchrotrons and beamlines: ALBA, ALS (beamlines 4.2.2, 8.2.1, 8.2.2, 11.3.1, 12.2.2, 12.3.2), the APS (beamlines 14-BM-C, 14-ID-C, 17-ID, 19-ID, 21-ID-D, 21-ID-E, 21-ID-F, 21-ID-G, 31-ID), BESSY (all beamlines), Beijing BSRF (beamline 3W1A), CAMD, Diamond (all beamlines), ELETTRA, EMBL/DESY (all beamlines), ESRF (all beamlines), LNLS Brazil, MAX IV, NSLS II (all beamlines), RRCAT India, SLRI Thailand, SLS at the Paul Scherrer Institut (all beamlines), Soleil (all beamlines), SPring-8 (all beamlines), SSRF Shanghai (beamline BL17U).

If your intended beamline is not listed, please ask us for confirmation that our CryoCaps are compatible with your intended data collection location.

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