UVEX UV Fluorescence Imaging systems


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UVEX UV Fluorescence Imaging systems

  • Best performing fluorescence imager according to independent testing as described in Gill et al, 2010
  • Simple differentiation of protein or other biomolecules from salt crystals
  • Industry-leading resolution down to 0.2 micron per pixel (with optional objectives)
  • UV excitation/emission optimised for Trp fluorescence
  • Proprietary design means brightfield and fluorescent images superimpose without hard- or software manipulation due to a shared optical path
  • Optional UV absorbance for nucleic acids or proteins quenched by small molecules binding
  • Video camera for rapid alignment and focusing
  • Visible fluorescence and colour birefringence options
  • Automatic drop-centering (manual override)
  • Easy-to-use software with image management
  • Cooled, high-efficiency 6 MP monochrome UV camera
  • Low maintenance LED light sources
  • Z-slicing for composite, extended depth image
  • Customizable - ask for more information
Beat Blattmann, University of Zurich:
"We have had our JANSi UVEX brightfield/UV fluorescence microscope for over 2 years and have inspected >150,000 protein crystallization experiments in that time. In our constantly changing multi-user environment, our UVEX microscope has performed very reliably over that time span and was key to success of several research projects."
Daniela Stock, VCCRI, Sydney, Australia
"Our experience with the UVEX and attached 42 plate hotel has been extremely good. We have had it for a little more than 2 years, use it routinely and it is virtually maintenance free. Any software updates or fixes are installed by the company via remote desktop. It is stable, user friendly and maintenance free. I would highly recommend it."

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