Nucleants, Seeding & Phasing Kits


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Nucleants, Seeding & Phasing Kits

Nucleants, Seeding and Phasing kits.

Polyvalan's Crystallophore No1 (patent pending) - A luminescent Terbium complex that is an effective nucleant and provides significant isomorphous and anomalous phasing power. The only single compound that solves three problems at once.

Forming: Growing a crystal capable of producing high quality diffraction data
Finding: Identifying crystals in drops quickly and accurately
Phasing: The f"~30 electrons for the Tb3+ LIII edge at 1.6 Å or 7.5 KeV
Naomi's Nucleants - Naomi’s Nucleant has facilitated the crystallization of 14 proteins, the highest number reported for any single nucleant. Many of these proteins have proven difficult to crystallize and some of these, including membrane proteins, have only been crystallized in the presence of Naomi’s Nucleant.

MicroSeed Beads - MicroSeed Beads are used to generate microseeds - microscopic crystals that have been ‘crushed-up’ into fragments.
The effect of Microseeding – IspD protein before microseeding growing in clusters on the edge of the drop (left) and after Microseeding the crystals grow separately (right). (Images courtesy of Terese Bergfors).

I3C Phasing Kits

A molecule containing 3 Iodine atoms arranged in an equilateral triangle and useful in establishing experimental phases in SAD and SIRAS experiments.

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    I3C Phasing Kit

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    Naomi's Nucleant

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    Fine Tweezers

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