Structure Screen 2


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Structure Screen 2

Structure Screen 2 is an extension of Structure Screen 1 and is formulated for the crystallization of:

  • Proteins
  • Peptides
  • Nucleic acids
  • Water soluble small molecules.

Lets you easily:

  • Determine initial crystallization condition.
  • Establish the solubility of a macromolecule in a varying range of pH and precipitants.
  • Enhanced buffer selection enables screening of greater crystallization space.

Originally published in 1991 by Jancarik & Kim, Structure Screens I and II are our more traditional screens containing conditions found to be successful in the crystallization of biological macromolecules from 1991.

A comparison of three commercial sparse matrix screens, (Wooh et al, 2003) reported dramatically different results when comparing Crystal Screens and Structure Screens. In 38 cases the Structure Screens were more successful in producing crystals than the Crystal Screens while the opposite was the case in 26 formulations.

The formulations are not identical as in several buffers Molecular Dimensions uses glacial acetic acid to adjust the pH rather than HCl. This formulation was chosen from current practice developed from experience at major UK research institutions.

Jancarik, J & Kim, S.H.J. (1991), J.Appl.Cryst. 24, 409-411
Wooh et al, (2003), Acta Cryst , D59, 769 - 772.

Read about the Classical crystal growth screening approach to protein crystallography. Learn about Modern crystal growth screening.

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