Stura Footprint Screens


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Stura Footprint Screens

Rapidly analyze the crystallization potential of your protein and protein complexes.

The FootPrint screens are based on the concept of screening the protein precipitant solubility curve to analyze the crystallization potential of proteins and their complexes.

The screens contain conditions at acidic, neutral and basic pH's for polyethylene glycols and salts.

  • Screens the protein precipitant solubility curve rather than a crystallization trial.
  • Rapidly analyse the crystallization potential of your protein and protein complexes.
  • Test the relative protein solubility with precipitants that have been used successfully in the crystallization of many proteins.
  • Once initial crystals or crystalline aggregates are obtained from the initial screening, streak seeding is recommended to determine the ranges of conditions under which crystal growth can proceed.

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3. Stura E.A, Satterthwait, A.C, Calvo, J.C, Kaslow, D.C, Wilson, I.A. (1994) Reverse Screening. Acta Cryst. D50 : 448-455.

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