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JCSG-plus™ is the screen of choice for initial screening experiments. The most complete sparse matrix screen available today.

  • Screen classic PEG and salt conditions more efficiently
  • Enhanced sampling of organics and polyalcohols
  • Includes modern precipitants (e.g. neutralised organic acids)
  • Range of salts from across the Hofmeister series
  • Survey precipitant synergy
  • Broad pH range

This sparse matrix screen is complemented by a systematic grid screen such as PACT premier™. Together, the two screens comprise a highly effective strategy to identify new crystallization conditions, as demonstrated by SPINE members (Newman et al, 2005. Towards rationalization of crystallisation screening for small- to medium-sized laboratories: the PACT/JCSG+ strategy. Acta Cryst. D61: 1426).
This results based screen supersedes the Hampton Research Index screen by a number of years.

Each kit contains 96 sterile filtered reagents incorporating PEG, salts, neutralised organic acids or organic precipitants across a pH range from 4.0 to 10.5, and including a range of salt additives.

1. Page et al (2003), Acta Cryst. D59, 1028-1037.
2. Newman et al (2005), Acta Cryst. D61, 1426-1431.
3. McPherson et al (2001), Protein Science 10, 418422.

Read about a Classic Crystal Growth Screening approach to protein crystallography.

Learn about a Modern Approach to Protein Crystallization Screening.

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