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A systematic screen spanning the key values of pH, precipitant type / concentration, and salts for alpha type transmembrane proteins using vapour diffusion methods.

48 conditions allowing the pH range, precipitants and salts used in membrane protein crystallization to be screened with detergent containing protein drops. The reagents can be easily arranged in systematic array to facilitate the interpretation of results and the design of further optimization experiments.

Features of MemSys™:

  • A systematic approach to screening for initial crystallization conditions for membrane proteins using vapour diffusion methods.
  • Membrane protein solubility is pushed to the limit to provide more information than previous sparse matrix type screens.
  • Includes the pH, precipitant concentration and type, and salts found to be successful.
  • Primarily designed for alpha type transmembrane proteins, but has also been successfully applied to beta type outer membrane proteins.

Developed by members of the So Iwata Lab, Imperial College, London.

This product is manufactured under an exclusive licence from Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine, London, UK.

"Methods and Results in the crystallization of Membrane proteins" (2003) Ed. Iwata S. (International University Line)

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