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The MemGold™ screens are the result of data mining of successful crystallization conditions for alpha helical prokaryotic and eukaryotic membrane proteins.

Since MemGold™, the number of structures has more than doubled. In response to this, MemGold2™ has been developed. It includes a further 96 crystallization conditions from unique alpha helical Membrane Protein structures including channel and transporter structures, GPCRs and ATPases. It is suitable for both Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic alpha helical membrane proteins.

Features of MemGold2™:

  • A brand new set of 96 of the most recent alpha helical membrane protein crystallization conditions.
  • Particularly suited for Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic alpha helical membrane proteins.
  • Works well in conjunction with MemGold™, MemStart™ & MemSys™ & MemPlus™.
  • Screening over a wider range of pH’s (4 - 10).
  • Addition of small MW PEGs.
  • Can be used in conjunction with Lipidic Sponge Phase and/or Lipidic Cubic Phases.

"In the Newstead group we typically use ... MemGold and MemGold2 and now include both MemTrans and MemChannel as standard to try and increase the chance of success. If a group is limited in the number of screens it can purchase then I would start with [MemGold and MemGold2] and then choose either MemTrans or MemChannel depending on the protein type of interest." Dr Joanne Parker, University of Oxford, MemGold screen family co-developer.

This product was developed by Dr. Simon Newstead, University of Oxford, UK and is manufactured under an exclusive license from Isis Innovation Ltd.

"For new membrane proteins, we routinely use Molecular Dimensions' MemGold 2 crystallization screen to screen for crystal hits. This screen is superior to other membrane protein screens because of it's wide chemical space coverage and non-overlap of it's conditions with other membrane protein screens."
Joseph D. O'Connell, III, UCSF

1. Newstead, S., Ferrandon, S., and Iwata, S. ‘Rationalizing alpha-helical membrane protein crystallization‘ Volume 17, Issue 3, pages 466–472, March 2008 - Protein Science, 2008 - Wiley Online Library.
2. Parker, J. and Newstead, S. ‘Current trends in alpha helical membrane protein crystallization: an up-date’, Protein Science, 2012, 21 (9): 1358-1365.

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