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An additive screen developed exclusively for membrane proteins. This screen targets all alpha helical types of prokaryotic and eukaryotic membrane proteins. MemAdvantage™ was developed from the identification of successful additives (using data mining) currently used in the crystallization of membrane proteins. It contains a novel set of chemicals presented as a 96-format screen for implementation in robotic screening pipelines.

The kit is designed to help test the effect of 96 different compounds on membrane protein crystal growth. Detergent selection is a critical parameter for growing well-ordered, well diffracting crystals and with so many choices of detergents/ligands to choose it can be both time consuming and expensive to investigate all possibilities. MemAdvantage™ takes the most successful ligands, detergents, multivalent salts, polyalcohols, non-volatile organics, organics, amphiliphiles and puts them all together in one easy-to-use additive screen. Additives may affect hydration and intermolecular interactions between protein molecules or between protein molecule and solvent and even ligands. This kit is a screen and results may need to be interpreted with a view to designing further additive experiments using different compounds of the same type as the kit reagent that gave a promising result.

Features of MemAdvantage™:

  • A rational and intelligently designed additive screen targeted specifically for membrane proteins.
  • Allows easy screening of 96 different additives (12 different classes of the following: polyalcohols, detergents, multivalent salts, non-volatile organics etc.) found to be the most successful in membrane protein crystallization.
  • Particularly suited for Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic alpha helical membrane proteins.
  • For initial screening or optimization screening.
  • Ready-to-use deep-well block.

Parker, J. and Newstead, S. ‘Current trends in alpha helical membrane protein crystallization: an update’, Protein Science, 2012, 21 (9):1358-1365.
This product is manufactured under an exclusive license from Isis Innovation Ltd, and was developed by Dr. Simon Newstead, University of Oxford, UK.

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