Mounted Round LithoLoops


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Mounted Round LithoLoops

Mounted LithoLoops offer excellent reproducibility with standard distances from the base of the loop to the end of the mounting pin, making crystal centering easier. LithoLoops are mounted on a standard 18 mm stainless steel pin. The pin has an outside diameter of 0.635 mm to fit all available Cap mounting systems.

Machine-made loops of precise and reproducible dimensions heralded a real breakthrough in cryocrystallography and have rapidly taken over as the new standard.
Protein Wave Corp (Japan) were the first to develop a manufacturing process based on Lithography and subsequently further develop the material using a UV curing process to make a loop with almost zero background scatter.

LithoLoops are exclusively licensed to Molecular Dimensions.

Features of LithoLoops:

  • Improved data collection statistics – Etched from polyimide resin yielding practically zero background diffraction.
  • Save money and time – re-usable with precise and reproducible diameters allowing easy matching of loop size to crystal, one pack all the correct size.
  • Easier Fishing – Fast and simple retrieval of crystals from drop, even in viscous solutions. Low hydrophobicity minimises volume of cryoprotectant retained.
  • Best of both worlds – very strong yet flexible in the drop, rigidity increases upon freezing giving solid mechanical stability during data collection.
  • Choice of size and shape – choose round, elliptical (for needles) or mesh (down to 20 micron) for fragile or micro-crystals.
  • Litholoops come in packs of 20 (or 10 for the sample set).

Extend the lifetime of your loops! Read about our recommended cleaning procedure.

"For any lab preparing for their first trip to the beamline, this starting pack (MD7-212) is a must. You will never be stuck with the wrong loop sizes in the middle of data collection due to the wide selection of loops in the pack. The starter pack was great for data collection of different crystal sizes and morphologies. Also loops retained their shape and did not break after multiple uses and washes."
Matt Dunne, ETH Zurich

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