Clear Strategy™ Screens


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Clear Strategy™ Screens

Two complimentary 6 x 4 matrix screens developed by Dr. A.M. Brzozowski and J. Walton from the Laboratory of Structural Biology at York University.

Originally these screens were tested on a number of proteins, which had not been crystallized previously and yielded diffraction quality crystals. Now these are amongst our most popular products.
Each screen contains 24 stock solutions and the following 1M buffers: sodium acetate pH 4.5; sodium acetate pH 5.5; sodium cacodylate pH 6.5; Tris pH 7.5; and Tris pH 8.5.

Features of Clear Strategy™ Screens:

  • Limit number of trials.
  • Aid rational design of subsequent trials.
  • User defined pH.
  • Use protein information.
  • Maintain ‘folding homogeneity’ of protein.
  • Interchangeable components.
  • Potential anomalous scattering centres2.

These products are manufactured under an exclusive license from the University of York, UK.

1. Brzozowski A. M. and Walton J., (2001) J. Appl. Cryst. 34, 97-101.
2. Dauter Z., Dauter M. & Rajashankar K. R. (2000), Acta Cryst. D56, 232-237.
3. Selmer et al, (2006), Science 313, 1935-1442.

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