Morpheus® II


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Morpheus® II

Morpheus II is a follow-up to the best-selling 96-condition screen, Morpheus. Morpheus II is optimized to yield crystals not observed in traditional screens and also includes heavy atoms for experimental phasing as well as polyols for cryoprotection.

An IUCr Webinar describing the formulation of the Morpheus® screens is available here, as well as a webinar describing a method for optimizing crystals obtained in Morpheus® conditions.

Features of Morpheus® II:

  • Targeted incorporation of 35 low- molecular weight PDB ligands into 96 conditions.
  • Incorporation of heavy atoms as additives for experimental phasing.
  • Ideal for membrane proteins as contains PEGS and low salt.
  • The inclusion of NDSBs, polyamines, amino acids and monosaccharides to enhance solubility and stability of many proteins for crystallization.
  • New polyols included for cryoprotection of conditions.
  • Innovative buffer systems included.
  • Suitable for both soluble and membrane proteins.
  • Readily available Morpheus® II Optimization reagents including the Mixes and Stock reagents.

Morpheus® II integrates reagents that are not seen in other screens, especially less common additives. As a consequence, the screen should have an impact not only on crystallisation but also on the overall structure determination process.

Morpheus® II follows the general design principles of the original Morpheus screen, but less typical additives have been included, such as heavy metals, NDSBs, polyamines, amino acids and monosaccharides. In addition, various polyols have been added for cryoprotection along with innovative buffer systems.

Some additives such as metal divalent cations can induce new crystal contacts. Heavy atoms were integrated to help with ab initio structure determination since a common issue to solve novel structure is the phase problem. Most of the other additives are meant to alter protein stability and solubility (carboxylic acids, polyamines and monosaccharides).

Gorrec, F (2015), The Morpheus II protein crystallization screen, Acta Cryst F71, p. 831-837.
Gorrec, F (2013), The current approach to initial crystallization screening of proteins is under-sampled. J Appl Cryst 46, 795-797.
Gorrec, F (2009), The MORPHEUS protein crystallization screen. J Appl Cryst 42, 1035-1042.

This product has been designed and developed by Fabrice Gorrec, in collaboration with the scientists at the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) at Cambridge and is manufactured exclusively under license by Molecular Dimensions Limited.

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    Morpheus® II

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