The PGA Screen™


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The PGA Screen™

A revolutionary new systematic screen based on the poly-γ-glutamic acid polymers that exploit poly-amino acids to unlock new areas of crystallization space. The PGA Screen™ is suitable for both globular and membrane protein crystallization.

The high nucleation-precipitation potential of PGAs enables their use at very low concentrations and in combination with classical precipitants, thus scaling down the amount of precipitant necessary for crystal appearance and growth. This feature of PGAs makes them especially useful in applications for labile, easily precipitating proteins. PGA Screen is suitable for both globular and membrane protein crystallization!

Features of the The PGA Screen™:

  • Novel precipitant.
  • Totally New Crystallization Space.
  • Easy mixing properties with other PEGs.
  • Applicable to both globular and membrane protein crystallization.
  • Especially useful for labile, easily precipitating proteins.
  • Non-toxic and non-denaturing.
  • Compatible with liquid – handling robots.

This product is manufactured under an exclusive license from York Structural Biology Laboratory, University of York, UK.

TC Hu, J Korczynska, DK Smith, AM Brzozowski - Acta Crystallographica Section D: Biological Crystallography, 2008. D64, 957-963.

"I grew beautiful bipiramidal single crystals which diffracted till 2.6A; I did not obtain such high quality crystals of that construct from any other commercial screen."
Aleksandra Fulara, University of Ghent, Belgium

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