Membrane Proteins


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Membrane Proteins


If you're working with alpha-helical prokaryotic and eukaryotic membrane proteins, we recommend you try the MemGold™ and MemGold2™ screens. Read this article by Dr Simon Newstead about the science behind the screens.

For β-barrel type membrane proteins – including porins and outer membrane active transporters we recommend MemPlus™ which was designed specifically for these types of proteins.

Additive Screens

We have two additive screens specifically designed for use with membrane proteins.
Firstly, we have the The CALIXAR™ v2.0 Additive Kit. This screen facilitates crystallization through the ability of calixar derivatives to induce 'supra-molecular clusters' of micellar-type and promote protein/protein interactions.
Read more here

Secondly, we have MemAdvantage™, which was developed by identification of additives used to successfully crystallize and solve structures of membrane proteins. Read the article here.


Optical quality is extremely important when trying to identify leads - we recommend the MRC 2-drop plate, which is also available in a special polymer for identifying your crystals under UV.

If you want to try LCP - check out this page which has all the things you need to start out.

These products are listed below - click on the product name to find out more!

As always, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact

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