The RUBIC Screens


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The RUBIC Screens

These screens are aimed at helping determine protein sample stability, and ideal purification & storage conditions. They suit a wide range of proteins and can also be used to optimize protein samples for NMR experiments.

Developed in 2010 by Stephane Boivin and Rob Meijers at the Sample Preparation and Characterisation (SPC) facility at EMBL Hamburg, the "ready-to-use” protein stability screens readily became highly sought-after by the facility users.

The RUBIC Buffer screen is designed to screen for global parameters, and the RUBIC Additive screen – designed to search for protein-specific additives. The Buffer screen contains diverse buffers commonly used in structural biology experiments and is designed in such a way that it is possible to discern global stability trends according to pH, salt concentration, buffer type and concentration.

The RUBIC Additive screen contains small molecules that can affect the folding, aggregation state and solubility of the protein construct and also includes small molecules that specifically bind and stabilise proteins.

The Buffer and Additive thermofluor screens can be used in synergy in a two-step approach: first screening for global parameters, then searching for protein-specific additives. These screens have been tested on more than 300 different protein constructs at the Sample Preparation and Characterization (SPC) facility at EMBL Hamburg and refined to suit a wide range of proteins.


Boivin S, Kozak S, Meijers R. (2013) Optimization of protein purification and characterization using Thermofluor screens. Protein Expr Purif. 91(2):192-206.
Newman J. (2004) Novel buffer systems for macromolecular crystallization. Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr. 60:610-2.

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