Optimum cryo-cooling


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Optimum cryo-cooling

Optimize your cryocooling protocol and improve your data collection in a flash.

A fast and efficient cryo-cooling protocol can make the difference in data quality that allows you to solve your structure. Cryoprotection and cryocooling both place extreme stresses on your crystal that can lead to destabilization, cracking or even complete dissolution. All of these effects are detrimental to your data quality and resolution. Molecular Dimensions provides a complete range of cryoware that allows you to optimize your cryocooling protocol, prevent crystal damage and get the best data, everytime.

Read on for more information, or browse our cryoware catalogue here.

The first step in getting the best cryo-cooling is to select the best loop for your crystal. The huge variety of sizes, shapes and formats available can be very confusing.

Read our guide to selecting cryo-loops to find out what will work best for you.


Always check with the synchrotron beamline to check which sample handling system they use.
The two most commonly used are:
Uni-Puck system - Each puck holds 16 samples, and are usually sold in sets of 7 for easy transportation.
EMBL/ESRF system - Each Basket holds 10 samples in CryoVials


Once crystals have been mounted in loops and frozen, they either need to be safely stored for later use or shipped to the data collection facility. We have a full range of storage and shipping dewars, as well as shelved canisters for ESRF and Uni-pucks that hold your loops at cryogenic temperatures for extended times.



You will need dewars and accessories to plunge freeze your crystals, manipulate them, and transfer to pucks. Depending on your preference, we have a full range of foam, aluminium, or stainless steel dewars for freezing your samples. We also supply tongs, tweezers, canes and all the other items you need to handle your samples at cryogenic temperatures.


We have two kits to help get the best freeze for your delicate crystals. Good cryoprotection can lead to higher resolution, better quality data with lower mosaicity. Both were developed by Dr. Enrico Stura at CEA in France. Read the research here..

CryoProtX™is a kit providing 9 different pre-made cryomixes - balanced to provide the best combination of properties to preserve your crystal, plus a large number of individual componants to fine-tune your cryomixes.
CryoSolhas a dual purpose. In addition to providing a new set of cryomixes for your crystals, it also contains solutions designed specifically for solubilizing hydrophobic ligands and for stable crystal soaks.

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