The Durham Screens


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The Durham Screens

The Durham Screens are protein stability screens. The screen's developers describe the advantages of stability screens for protein structure and function studies in this JoVE article:

They also help you:
  • Identify how buffer chemistry and pH alters the thermal denaturation and therefore stability of a protein.
  • Test your protein stability against more than 30 different salts.
  • The Durham Screen is a vital first step in any novel drug design project and to any one setting-up a crystallization screen.
  • Get vital information about your protein and how stable it is in a particular buffer/chemical environment.

The Durham Screens are optimized to work with NAMI, free to download software that simplifies the interpretation of Thermal shift assay data.

The details of The Durham Screens and NAMI can be found in: Grøftehauge, MK, Hajizadeh, NR, Swann, MJ and Pohl, E. Protein-ligand interactions investigated by thermal shift assays (TSA) and dual polarization interferometry(DPI). Acta Cryst D71:36-44 (2015).

ThermoFluor is a registered trademark of Johnson and Johnson. Sypro is a registered trademark of Life Technologies.

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