Crystallophore No1


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Crystallophore No1

Polyvalan Crystallophore No1(patent pending) is a luminescent Terbium complex that is an effective nucleant and provides significant isomorphous and anomalous phasing power. It has been used in a wide range of structure solutions since it's launch, including novel protein complexes and integral membrane proteins. A recent review in J. Appl. Cryst. highlights its wide range of applications for increasing your crystal structure success rates. You can also read more about how Crystallophore No1 works here.


Crystallophore No 1 acts as a nucleating agent and improves crystal quality of pre-existing hits. As shown top left for T5 phagöe with and without Crystallophore No1.


Luminesces strongly in the visible region under UV excitation making detecting crystals in drops and loops easy. See middle left.


Terbium is a lanthanide and therefore has significant potential for use as an anomalous scatterer and in traditional isomorphous replacement. When the complex has been used as a nucleant, it is often found bound to the protein thus providing high quality phasing power.


To help you build the structure you can download the pdb or cif format co-ordinate files for the Crystallophore No1 complex. Kindly provided by Polyvalan.


The development work leading to Crystallophore No1 has now been published in:

Engilberge, S., Riobé, F., Di Pietro, S., Lassalle, L., Coquelle, N., Arnaud, C.-A., Pitrat, D., Mulatier, J.-C., Madern, D., Breyton, C., Maury, O. and Girard, E. Crystallophore: a versatile lanthanide complex for protein crystallography combining nucleating effect, phasing properties and luminescence. Chemical Science 8: 5909-5917 (2017).

(bottom left) P. horikoshii Protease 1 electron density from SAD phasing using the Terbium LIII absorption edge. Crystal grown in 10 mM and subsequently soaked in 100 mM crystallophore No1.

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