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Dodecyl maltoside is normally the first choice for working with membrane proteins. Also known as DDM, it is one member of the most popular family of detergents. Anatrace has been the gold standard for detergents used in membrane protein work since they launched the first commercially available version of DDM more than 30 years ago.

The hydrophilic sugar headgroup has ample strength to extract proteins while still providing the capability to stabilize proteins in solution and promote crystal growth. Anatrace offers a broad suite of maltoside detergents of varying alkyl chain lengths to help you identify the best fit for your protein and application. Decyl maltoside, for example, is also a popular choice.

In March 2017, Anatrace acquired Molecular Dimensions. We are now pleased to offer Anatrace's detergent range alongside our own range to help our customers raise their standards and achieve more.

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