Cryo-EM Grid-boxes


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Cryo-EM Grid-boxes

Our grid-boxes each have a label with a unique identifier so you can find your sample easily

This new grid-box from Swissci has been developed in collaboration with Dr Jan Löwe at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge. Backed by years of experience in Cryo-EM, it includes many improvements on current models:


  • The Swissci Cryo-EM Grid-Box is made from a special polymer formulation, which ensures there is no sample-damaging static charging at cryogenic temperatures.
  • No screwdriver is required since the lid is rotated with standard laboratory tweezers.
  • No need to hand label each box and then struggle to interpret the label:
    • Each grid-box has its own pressure adhesive cryo-label with a unique identification number clearly printed on it for error free recognition of your sample.
    • Each diamond-shaped position is indicated by a roman numeral
  • The Swissci cryo-EM grid-box is the standard size for all common cryo-EM sample mounting and storage workflows.
  • Cost-effective pricing means the grid-box is truly disposable: avoid the confusion of multiple samples having the same identification number
    • by using each grid-box a single time.

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