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The widest available chemical space coverage for your LCP crystallisation trials.

If you urgently require a meso phase screening kit, please try our popular Memmeso kit. Alternatively, any of our screening kits maybe used for mesophase crystallization providing they are diluted by 30-50%

MemGoldMeso is the most up to date sponge phase screen on the market:

  • Developed from the most up-to-date survey of successful LCP crystallisation available:
    • Analysis includes all mesophase structures in the protein database before March 2017.
    • More structures were used for the identification of optimum in meso crystallisation conditions.
  • Conditions were taken from a hand-curated database to ensure no false positives from unrelated structures contributed to the formulation.
  • The recent analysis means a wider range of proteins were used in screen development, reducing bias to GPCR and rhodopsin conditions.
  • From the trusted developers of our popular MemGold and MemGold2 screens, Prof. Simon Newstead and Dr Joanne Parker of Oxford University.


  1. Newstead, S., Ferrandon, S., Iwata, S. Protein Science 17: 466-472 (2008).
  2. Parker, J. and Newstead, S. Protein Science 21: 1358-1365 (2012).
  3. Parker, J. L. and Newstead, S. Adv. Exp. Med. Biol922: 61-72 (2016).

*Developed by Prof Simon Newstead and Dr Joanne Parker of Oxford University and exclusively licensed to Molecular Dimensions Ltd by Oxford University Innovation.

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