Small Molecule Anion Screen


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Small Molecule Anion Screen

Bring the power of high-throughput crystallisation screening to cations

Increase your lab throughput with simple, rapid crystallization screening for:

  • Organic salts soluble in water down to 2 mg/ml
    • Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)
    • Coordination complexes
    • Peptides
    • Proteins with pI > 7
  • Increase chance of crystallization with 77 different anions screened.
  • Suitable for manual as well as robotic set-up: no specialist equipment required.
  • Perfect for most crystallization protocols: works equally well for under-oil and vapor diffusion.

For the first time ever, you can have the speed, convenience, and power of macromolecular high-throughput screening techniques for cation crystallization with our new Small Molecule Anion Screen. Developed by Dr Bernhard Spingler of the University of Zurich, and available exclusively from Molecular Dimensions, this high-throughput sparse matrix screen provides everything required for 96-well under-oil screening for water soluble organic salts, cation complexes, and active pharmaceutical ingredients. The screen covers a broad region of chemical space, utilizing 77 different anions, so it can also be used as a coarse screen for macromolecules with an isoelectric point > 7.

(left)(+)-Ephedrinium iodide crystals grown using the new Small Molecule Anion Screen with the under-oil technique, courtesy of Dr Bernhard Spingler.

Nievergelt, P. P., Babor, M., Čejka, J.; Spingler, B. (2018) Chem. Sci. 9: 3716-3722.
Babor, M.; Nievergelt, P. P.; Čejka, J.; Zvoníček, V.; Spingler, B. (2019) IUCrJ 6: 145-151.

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