Agarose gels and DNA stains


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Agarose gels and DNA stains

Try our new, convenient all-in-one tablets for agarose gels in an instant.

Save time and money with our unique range of agarose gel tablets, exclusively available from our sister company Protein Ark. Just add water or running-buffer, and this ready-to-use format delivers improved gel-to-gel reproducibility with no weighing or mixing. Used together with our non-carcinogenic, new Magnite Green DNA Stain, these gels will provide high resolution results with low background, time after time.

  • Prepare your gel in minutes.
  • Multiple formats to fit your requirements:
    • Elite 3-in-1 TBE or TAE tablets include UltraPure Agarose, TBE or TAE buffer AND Magnite Green DNA stain - just add water!
    • Elite 2-in-1 Agarose tablets include Agarose and Magnite Green DNA stain - just add running buffer.
    • Elite Agarose tablets: allowing you to choose the stain and running buffer.
  • Ready-to-Use tablet format: Improved gel-to-gel reproducibility with no weighing or mixing.
  • Ultrapure Agarose: High resolution of DNA fragments with low background.
  • Magnite Green DNA stain: a safer, non-carcinogenic alternative to Ethidium Bromide.

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