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Cryo-EM Grids


C-Flat Carbon Grids

C-Flat is an ultra-flat carbon support grid, optimized for Cryo-Electron Microscopy (CRYO-EM). Create 3D constructions with ease: just choose the best grid for your research and with C-Flat ultra-flat grids you’re ready to collect data immediately – no pre-washing!


 Choose the best grid
for yourresearch
 Locate samples of interest
on ultra-flat carbon support

 Create 3D reconstructions
 with ease

C-FLAT CARBON GRIDS allow you to:

  • Acquire better images with thinner ice

 The ultra-flat surface of C-flat leads to even ice thickness and uniform particle distribution, allowing for superior 3D reconstructions with ease. C-flat grids have the thinnest ice across the whole grid surface of any grid on the market, as independently measured by Cho et al* All C-flat grids undergo rigorous quality control standards before being shipped, ensuring the maximum number of usable squares for imaging and 3D reconstructions.


  • Delivered ready to use without cleaning

C-flat is delivered ready-to-use right out of the box, being manufactured without plastics or polymers. As a result, C-flat requires no solvent washing steps prior to use, leading to less breakage of the holey carbon film and faster sample throughput in Cryo-EM facilities.


  • Choose from a wide variety of grid variations

 C-flat offers carbon thickness of 20nm to 40nm, the only grid company to offer a choice of carbon thickness to allow you to optimize support for any biological sample from large cells to individual molecules. C-flat also comes in hole sizes ranging from 1-4μm, mesh sizes from 200-400 and is available in copper or gold, allowing for a wide-variety of options compatible with any sample preparation procedure.

*Cho et al, Journal of Analytical Science and Technology 4: 7 (2013).

Click here to see the variety of C-Flat Carbon Grids that we offer.

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