Don't Miss the BCA Spring Meeting 2019 in Nottingham

Monday 15th-Thursday 18th April 2019, Jubilee Campus, University of Nottingham

With a range of sessions highlighting integrated approaches to structural biology and the latest developments in X-ray crystallographic techniques, this year's BCA Spring Meeting in Nottingham has something for everyone, so register today and make sure you don't miss out!

Biological Structures Group (BSG) Plenary Lecturer: Prof. Liz Carpenter of the University of Oxford.

Key Dates

Abstract deadline: Friday, 15th February, 2019
Early bird registration deadline: Monday, 11th March, 2019
Young Crystallographers' (YCG) meeting: 15th-16th April, 2019
(Day registrations also available)

Lonsdale Lecture

Professor George Sheldrick, University of Gottingen

"SHELXT - dual space structure determination using the phases to determine the space group"

BSG Sessions

Novel data collection strategies
Keynote Speaker: Florent Cipriani (EMBL Grenoble), Chair: Ramona Duman (Diamond Light Source).

Complementary structural biology techniques
Keynote Speaker: Dmitri Svergun (EMBL Hamburg), Chair: James Garnett (Queen Mary Univeristy, London).

Novel crystallisation strategies
Keynote: Apirat Chaikaud (Buchamann Institute, Frankfurt), Chair: Claire Naylor (Molecular Dimensions Ltd).

Computation structural biology
Keynote: Gianni de Fabritis (GRIB, Barcelona), Chair: Shozeb Haider (UCL School of Pharmacy).

Multi-technique methods for solving large macromolecular complexes
Keynote: Carolyn Moores (Birkbeck College, London/ISMB), Chair: Christos Savva (University of Leicester)

EU Network for RAtionalising Membrane Protein crystallisation (RAMP)
Keynote: Adrian Goldman (The Astbury Centre, Leeds/Univeristy of Helsinki), Chair: Arwen Pearson (University of Hamburg).


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